The importance of functional content


On page content is one of the best ways to get optimal traction on your website. This trend continues to be one of the most lucrative techniques in digital marketing today. It doesn’t matter how many digital marketing trends appear in the markets, the written word will always be one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

Functional content is aimed heavily towards customer engagement, conversion enhancement and discovery tactics. With Google changing its algorithms constantly, your content should always be relevant, without relying mostly on going around the loopholes in Google’s algorithm these loops will be shut sooner or later and when this happens your website will surely loose traction. Simply put, you should focus on quality content over quantity alone.

Before writing content for a website it is advised that you audit the site to recognize problem areas. Gathering information and building a knowledge base is extremely important in helping you to shape content that suits your website best.

Keywords are still relevant these days. Make sure to include keywords and variations of keywords within the content, but without it seeming like keyword stuffing. At Webtree Media Solutions, we specialize in crafting original content for your websites in order to ensure long term benefits. For more information about our services, do visit our website at

A brief note on LSI Keywords


Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI Keywords) have played a crucial role in on-page optimization, and are hailed as one of the best methods of ranking for a particular phrase. With the Google’s algorithm getting smarter by the day, previously profitable techniques such as keyword stuffing have been phased out, and has forced digital marketers to employ more ethical means to achieve results.

LSI keywords symbolize all the phrases and words related to the main keyword. This includes synonyms and other keywords that are usually seen alongside the main keyword in articles related to the topics. This assists with Google’s semantic search, where Google identifies associated content by guessing what the search actually means, instead of showing all the results for the particular keyword that is being searched.

Thus with the use of LSI Keywords, you can establish what your article is actually about, instead of stuffing keywords. This will also enable you to deliver a quality article that is aimed at both human consumption and at machine recognition at the same time.

One of the best ways to finding LSI Keywords is to use the search engine suggestions that arise in helping you complete your query. When you start typing your query on the search bar, Google gives you at least 10 suggestions. These are the ten most popular associated search terms used along with the main keyword.

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Negative keywords and adwords optimization


Adwords and PPC are the two most effective ways of targeting a select demographic of your clients. In most cases, you generally focus on keywords that you need to target. Apart from this, you should also focus on those keywords you do not want to target. This is known as negative keyword list.

Common negative keywords includes the word “free” and adult related keywords. Building a solid negative keyword list will help maximize your ROI as it prevents you from targeting on keywords that have low reach among your target audience. You can set up a negative keyword list even if you are in the middle of a PPC campaign, which will significantly improve your results.

Google has an extensive list of pre-built negative keywords, which includes common terms that no company wants to bid on. This is a great place to start, where you can find a credible pattern on how to choose negative keywords. It also pays to look at the keyword query provided by Google in Google Search Console and choose the keywords, which might generate impressions for you business, but are not in tune with what you offer.

You can then use Google’s keyword planner to find related terms that you do not want to bid for. Doing prior research and using common sense when setting up a negative keyword list will ensure a good ROI.

5 reasons why your SME needs a website


It doesn’t matter if you have a large scale business or a small/ medium business- a website is absolutely essential for your business. Here are five reasons why every SME needs a website-

  1. Websites allow you to interact with your clients 24/7. With a website, new clients will always have access to information about your business. If you have an online business platform integrated into your website, you can even have an ongoing business throughout the day!
  2. It provides your potential clients with enough information to make educated choices. People today like to compare between competitors before they make their choices. A good website with enough information about what you do with an emphasis on how you differ from the rest, thus subtly influencing them as well.
  3. The world has gone digital today. People no longer trust a business that does not have its own website. A website provides an intimate view into your business establishment. Not having a website is a major disadvantage indeed.
  4. A website is your cheapest marketing tool. A website and a strong presence on the social media. It does not take much to get either of those, yet it sets up enough credibility to connect with your clients.

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What goes into creating a website


A website is the best way to create a solid presence for yourself on the web, irrespective of the nature of your business. It is very important to have your website to reflect your ideals and practical abilities. It also provides a credible platform for you to effectively portray the capabilities of your business, and show how you differ from your peers.

A good website is one that hosts a perfect harmony of creative and technical aspects. Lately, the creative and technical aspects have begun to overlap, thus marring the differences between the two.

The creative aspects includes the content, the graphics, user interface and other cues that makes the website visually attractive. Hosting informative content in an easy to understandable manner will make it a pleasurable experience for your clients to read about your company, without having to exert themselves. Visually attractive designs and easy to navigate website structure will give your visitors a pleasurable experience, which they will subconsciously associate with your company.

The technical side is the backbone of the website. The coding process that is responsible for creating the soul of the website is best understood by the developers themselves. Although this work is not readily understood or even appreciated by laymen, one needs to appreciate the many man hours spent in developing the inner structure of the websites.

Once the website is created, you should also focus on the analytics and SEO, in order to ensure that your website gets good traction on the internet and reaches out to a large number of potential clients. Being able to accurately measure various analytics will help you to adjust and make certain changes to improve its performance and hence increase the reach of your website online.

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Where context trumps content


The changing phase of content marketing in SEO has prompted digital marketing sphere to reinvent its content generation and content marketing tactics. One such important change pertains to the importance of context- how relevant the content is.

Writing good content is not possible without a little bit of research. When it comes to content marketing, research is not just limited to the topic itself, but also expands to gaining insights about your audience demographic. Knowing more about your audience is now easier than ever with multiple online tools. One of the best ways to find insights about your key demographic is via Facebook on Audience Insights. Finding out their other common interest will make it easier to cross reference and provide context that will engage your clients.

Broadening your reach means nothing if it does not lead to conversions. Targeting a narrow demographic of audience who show strong affinity towards your products/ services will result in a better conversion, thus justifying your investment. This is true for all types of content- be it ads, blog posts, website content, etc.

An industry that has little to no social media context faces the biggest challenges when trying to gain exposure in an online platform. However, this should be viewed as an opportunity, since the marketing sphere is open to all kinds of innovation. If you are unable to find a credible context for social media exposure for your industry, it means that you have the opportunity to pioneer the use of social media!

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10 Killer tips to help to Google like a pro


Google is one of the most preferred search engines in the web sphere. “Googling it” is a legitimate verb that has made its way in to our lingo, and for good reason too. Google is also one of the most powerful search engine, owing to its myriad of features. Some of which might not be quite popular. Here are ten tips to optimize your search results and get the best out of Google.

  1. Exact Phrase: This is one of the most common of the lot. Searching for exact phrases within quotes is one of the most effective way to search for something specific in that exact order. Eg: Searching for “construction companies in Bahrain” will show you the pages which specifically have those exact words in that very order.
  2. The OR Function: The OR function can be used when you are not sure of the exact phrases used, and want to search for one or the other term. Eg: Searching for paint OR chemical dealers will show you results for both paint and chemical dealers in the same page.
  3. Search within a site: Some sites do not have a very good search feature, or sometimes, the search feature is missing entirely. In such a case, you can use this method for optimally searching within the website. Eg: Searching for followed by a search term will show you the results only from
  4. Related sites: Searching similar websites is easier with the related qualifier. Eg: Searching for will show results for websites that are similar to the Bahrain News agency website
  5. Exclude terms: You can exclude specific terms just be adding the minus symbol before the word you do not want the search engine to find. Eg: Searching for holiday destination in Middle East –UAE will show you results for holiday destination in the Middle East, by excludes any results containing UAE.
  6. Synonym search: Searching for synonyms is beneficial if you are unsure of the specific term used. Eg: Searching for Door ~furnishing will show you the results for all kinds of door fixtures like door handles, knobs, etc.
  7. The asterisk: The asterisk works as a filler, in case you forget/ are unsure of something from a phrase. Eg: Searching for The quick brown fox * the lazy dog will show you the results for The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
  8. Between two definite values: Using two dots and a space between two values will show you the results that occur between those two values. Eg: Searching for Formula 1 winner 2002.. 2008 will show you the results for the winners of the Formula 1 races between 2002 and 2008.
  9. Exact word within a title, body or url: Searching for exact words within the title, body or the url will help you to find the most appropriate pages that suit your searches. Eg: Searching intitle: plumbing will show the results with the word plumbing in the title. The other alternatives for url and body are inurl: and intext:
  10. The power of all: The best part about these tips is that you can use more than one of these tricks in a single search to enhance and narrow down your search results. Go ahead and try them out to become a Googling wizard today!

New Direction of SEO


Like all other aspects of marketing, digital marketing too is undergoing immense change. Search Engine Optimization, is one such area, which is experiencing a phenomenal rift from existing marketing techniques. Incorporating new techniques to assist in SEO will ensure optimal results.

One should understand that the ultimate objective of SEO is to not just recognize the relevance to search engines query, but to also provide knowledgeable content that benefits the visitors. Apart from keywords, meta tags, traffic volumes and other traditional metrics, one should also concentrate on social media metrics as well.

Social media share metrics is an excellent way to gauge the reliability and popularity of your content. Although content metrics such as meta tags, length of the content, etc makes it easier to get a good ranking on search engines. The quality of content however, is one of the biggest factors that helps reach out to the users. It is thus important to create helpful, insightful and rewarding content.

Creating content without basing on the available data is truly crippling. Data analysis will help you to sharpen your focus, and direct your content to reach out to the right demographic. Getting the right kind of data analysis will give you an edge when creating content.

To sum up, the new age of SEO is based almost entirely up on quality content and credible campaign strategy, which is well aligned with business objectives.

Creating evergreen content to power SEO


Content marketing works in tandem with SEO in order to effectively achieve marketing goals. The prime objective of content creation should not be limited to search rankings, but should be rooted in achieving SEO results as well. When done right, the content will effectively cater to the search engine requirements and to the  actual people who read it.

Evergreen content is the type of content that delivers traffic, leads, shares on social media, and can stay on the social media search rankings for years to come. This type of content is generally relevant to readers and should be relevant to your demographic audience. Hence, it has to be well written and should provide useful information in a manner that can be understood by novices as well.

Choosing the right topic for your evergreen content is important. For example, a detailed review on the latest Panda update becomes near obsolete as newer Panda updates release. However, an article on the best practices of writing content that reaches out to your audience will continue to be relevant for a long time.

It is important to identify your key demographic. This enables you to craft your article in way that appeals to the intended audience. A compelling headline is a must, as in every article. When writing, SEO should also be kept in mind. Brad SEO practices such as relevant keywords and key phrases should be included to improve the search ability.

Overall, evergreen content on will add a fairly significant number of views and other metrics to your blog. It will thus increase visibility online, and the age factor alone, can help with retaining respectable rankings.

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The changing face of content marketing


The exponential increase in content marketing practices seen every year is testament to the growing understanding of the importance of good content on the internet. Marketers have begun to realize the potential of multiple media formats that can be used to their advantage. Companies have increasingly engaged in the kind of content marketing that is guaranteed to give a credible ROI. This change has prompted content creators to get creative and create engaging content to stand out from the rest.

Videos are an excellent way to connect with your clients. With the world being exposed to good data speeds at cheaper rates, people are no longer worried about “wasting” their data to watch a video. With the dwindling attention span of the people, owing to the barrage of information one is constantly exposed to, keeping those videos short is extremely important.

This is true for written content as well. Shorter, informative content that is witty results in maximum engagement. The challenge is to get straight to the point and put out the necessary information before users lose interest.

Content quality will always trump quantity. The search engines are getting more powerful and are capable of predicting the user intent with ease.  Hence, the gap between writing for machines and writing for people is closing very quickly.

Using new channels like Whatsapp and instagram to market is on the rise. The use of multimedia content to put your ideas across has never been more relevant. It also pays to have your content seem branded and not ad like. Identifying genuine problems faced by the clients and providing resourceful solutions is the need of the hour.

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