Success is never easy!

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid or natural results.

SEO is considered as of the main factor that affects the traffic of your website. The more times a site appears on the search engines list the more visitors it is going to receive. Google uses a wide range of complex algorithms to rank a website. These algorithms are constantly changing and are frequently updated to ensure that only quality pages rank higher.

The visitors who visit your site can turn into potential customers later on. SEO may target different kinds of search like image search, video search, academic search, news search and a lot more. It mainly focuses on optimizing a business online presence so its web pages are displaced first by the search engines whenever a user enters a search for its products and services.


SEO cannot prove to be an appropriate strategy to every businessbecause other marketing strategies like pay per click can prove to be more effective than SEO. SEO is different from this in terms of paid and unpaid priority ranking in search results.

Why is SEO important?

Optimization of a website is proves to be very crucial to add traffic and maintain the level over the search engine. Its aim is to build traffic from diverse sources and build repetitive customers.

SEO is good for the social promotion of your website. People who find your web site by searching Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels. Thus without your effort your website is been promoted on various social media channels gaining popularity and most importantly earning the trust of the customers.

SEO is important for a smooth running of large websites. Websites that contain more than one author are benefited by SEO. They not only help in increasing search engine traffic but also build a common framework which can be used for publishing content on the website.

If two websites are selling the same kind of product the search engine optimized website is likely to have more customers and make more sales because it is readily visible to the customers hence customers quickly opt for it.

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Significance of Google Ads

Google launched ad words in 2000. It started with a monthly pay amount and later in 2005 switched to self-service portal. Google advertising is an online advertising service where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy to web users. It is a system based on keywords predefined by the advertisers.

Features and services:

IP address exclusion–  In addition to controlling ad placements through location and language targeting, placements now can be refined with Internet protocol(IP) address exclusion. This feature enables advertisers to exclude specified IP where you do not want your ads to appear.

Ad words express– This feature is exclusively designed for small business holders primarily to reduce the difficulty of managing ad campaigns. It does so by automatically managing keywords and ad placement.

Google partners– This is a basic certification program which provides ad words qualifications to individuals and agencies that has passed Google exams.  To become AdWords certified, you need to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the other Advanced AdWords exams.

Placement targeted advertisements– Google introduced site targeting in which by using the ad words control panel, you can enter keywords, domain names, topics and demographic targeting preferences and Google will help you place the ads on relevant sites within the content network.

Remarketing-This is a feature wherein you are allowed to show ads to those who have already been to your website. You can create different audiences from website users and along with this also show relevant ads to separate audiences.

Ad extensions– This feature is very helpful to all business owners since it allows to display your ad along with extra information like your phone number, your business address or maybe more webpage links.

Google click to call– This is a very interesting feature because you are immediately able to connect to advertisers from Google search results page. You can now connect right away, rather than visiting a website and searching for the number.

Google ad words customer match– This feature allows you to show ads to customers based on the data they have shared with Google.

Advantages of Google ad words

A very crucial and primary advantage of Google ad words is, every single aspect is measurable, that is where it counts! Right from the number of clicks to number of conversions and cost per click everything is measurable. It is highly cost effective. Why? Because you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. You get maximum relevance and the most accurate results to a user’s search query.Last and the most significant,  it is highly targeted.

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Seo- The Key To Your Profits

SEO is the process of building traffic from organic search results on search engines. It is the main ingredient towards increasing the web traffic to your website. Google uses a wide range of complex algorithms to rank a website. These algorithms are constantly changing and are frequently updated to ensure that only quality pages rank higher. For your website to be ranked the best you need to build trust, quality and authority. To make your website to go viral on the internet make sure you provide unique quality products ensuring customer trust.

Predictions about the SEO trends in 2017!

  • Mobile-index: Google is steadily moving to a mobile only world. Basically upgrading itself from a desktop screen to all available mobile screens. Since it is switching to a mobile only world the relevance of local searches is going to hit its peak. So get your website ready to mobile index this 2017. It is highly significant to provide visibility of content and relevant pages on both desktop and mobile screen, otherwise your web traffic will lower down. So gear up for all these changing SEO services for better ranking and profits.
  • Acceptance of accelerated mobile pages(AMP): This trend though was introduced in 2015 but it didn’t quite gain acceptance, but in the upcoming year it will pick up steam. AMP is basically an HTML lite version of typical web pages, which are meant to load faster and easily on mobile devices. This is being more appealing in the latter half of 2016, by the AMP project adding support for AMP friendly forms.
  • Big growth in voice search: This has been one of the most underappreciated piece of mobile search, but not anymore. 2017 will be a year where voice search will be worked for and successfully help people target their search through voice search.
  • Providing dense content: This is something seriously addressed in 2017. People are busy writing long content for website without delivering the actual concept of the topic. The upcoming year will encourage a short and meaningful content delivery for websites which potentially can give out the message to people rather than sitting back and reading a pretty big content without delivering much.
  • More brands to leverage personal branding: Personal branding is one of the online world’s secret weapons which are going to be used widely in 2017. It is one among the powerful tools to ensure the success of your SEO campaigns and growth of your business. Building a well-established personal brand will massively boost user trust and engagement ultimately increasing the web traffic to your website.
  • User experience will be an integral to SEO: People are no longer satisfied with average speed and reasonably navigable sites. 2017 will encourage websites with instant loading, mobile optimization and speedy navigation to websites. If you want to maintain a high search engine ranking in the upcoming year, you should start working on not just this but all the above mentioned aspects to be the best and top ranked website in 2017. Make sure to give a commendable user experience because they are the only key to your optimal website ranking.

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Why facebook? Tell me why not?

Facebook has recently exploded in growth and substantially risen in the popularity ranks being an effective tool in any marketer’s arsenal. It is definitely the biggest social media network that the Internet has. Not only can people use it personally for connecting with friends and family, but it has also turned out to be a handy tool for promoting and advertising a business. Since Facebook collects an enormous amount of personal data, it is the ideal platform to learn more about your target group and reach its members, either for free or with effective campaigns. It lets you market through different platforms be it through Ads, or through content.

Facebook is moving successfully in many different directions without compromising its core product. It primarily was started as a platform to share images, videos and thoughts, but now it has expanded on a new level with advanced features including messaging and gaming. What else would a person possibly need when everything is packed in one app.

Why Facebook and not any other social media? Facebook has undergone a fundamental shift in the last few years from a social network to connect with friends to a content network to share information that’s meaningful, relevant and exciting. It is relatively much easier to connect to people on Facebook.

How efficient is marketing products on Facebook? While having a business page on Facebook is very similar to owning a website, there are some significant benefits that only Facebook can provide. Marketing strategy is low cost, you can start your business without investing. You can categorize people by age, gender, and interests which helps you access a target of millions which could be your potential customers. You can be very interactive by sharing images, videos and all your important business information through messaging. In any business, a quick response is a must to build your brand’s loyalty. Facebook lets you connect at the earliest and bring about customer satisfaction. It lets you host a social media contest so people can win your service or product. This way, you are boosting your community outreach and promoting your business at the same time. You can also install custom tabs additional to the existing tabs. It is only platform which has low marketing costs, all you need to do is update. It increases web traffic to your site by adding a link to your website on your Facebook page.


The best and most important thing post marketing is the response? The number of likes and shares will give you your answers, sounds a very petty thing but is very crucial to rank any business. It lets you decide what you need to work on and target what kind of customers. Not just likes and shares an added comment section is also provided to give in your opinion about the product.

Is that it? Not yet!  A giant pro being it is mobile-friendly, hence operate it from anywhere, anytime!


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The importance of functional content

On page content is one of the best ways to get optimal traction on your website. This trend continues to be one of the most lucrative techniques in digital marketing today. It doesn’t matter how many digital marketing trends appear in the markets, the written word will always be one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

Functional content is aimed heavily towards customer engagement, conversion enhancement and discovery tactics. With Google changing its algorithms constantly, your content should always be relevant, without relying mostly on going around the loopholes in Google’s algorithm these loops will be shut sooner or later and when this happens your website will surely loose traction. Simply put, you should focus on quality content over quantity alone.

Before writing content for a website it is advised that you audit the site to recognize problem areas. Gathering information and building a knowledge base is extremely important in helping you to shape content that suits your website best.

Keywords are still relevant these days. Make sure to include keywords and variations of keywords within the content, but without it seeming like keyword stuffing. At Webtree Media Solutions, we specialize in crafting original content for your websites in order to ensure long term benefits. For more information about our services, do visit our website at

A brief note on LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI Keywords) have played a crucial role in on-page optimization, and are hailed as one of the best methods of ranking for a particular phrase. With the Google’s algorithm getting smarter by the day, previously profitable techniques such as keyword stuffing have been phased out, and has forced digital marketers to employ more ethical means to achieve results.

LSI keywords symbolize all the phrases and words related to the main keyword. This includes synonyms and other keywords that are usually seen alongside the main keyword in articles related to the topics. This assists with Google’s semantic search, where Google identifies associated content by guessing what the search actually means, instead of showing all the results for the particular keyword that is being searched.

Thus with the use of LSI Keywords, you can establish what your article is actually about, instead of stuffing keywords. This will also enable you to deliver a quality article that is aimed at both human consumption and at machine recognition at the same time.

One of the best ways to finding LSI Keywords is to use the search engine suggestions that arise in helping you complete your query. When you start typing your query on the search bar, Google gives you at least 10 suggestions. These are the ten most popular associated search terms used along with the main keyword.

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Negative keywords and adwords optimization

Adwords and PPC are the two most effective ways of targeting a select demographic of your clients. In most cases, you generally focus on keywords that you need to target. Apart from this, you should also focus on those keywords you do not want to target. This is known as negative keyword list.

Common negative keywords includes the word “free” and adult related keywords. Building a solid negative keyword list will help maximize your ROI as it prevents you from targeting on keywords that have low reach among your target audience. You can set up a negative keyword list even if you are in the middle of a PPC campaign, which will significantly improve your results.

Google has an extensive list of pre-built negative keywords, which includes common terms that no company wants to bid on. This is a great place to start, where you can find a credible pattern on how to choose negative keywords. It also pays to look at the keyword query provided by Google in Google Search Console and choose the keywords, which might generate impressions for you business, but are not in tune with what you offer.

You can then use Google’s keyword planner to find related terms that you do not want to bid for. Doing prior research and using common sense when setting up a negative keyword list will ensure a good ROI.